Healthy Choices and the Traffic Light System

At Hospital Catering, we follow the healthy guidelines and use a 'trafflic light system' to categorize foods and drinks into three groups.


(Best choices)

Foods and drinks in the GREEN category are the healthiest choices. They are usually good sources of important nutrients lower in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt lower in energy (kilojoules) higher in fibre.


(Choose carefully)

AMBER foods and drinks should be selected carefully and should only be eaten in moderation. Although AMBER items may provide some good nutrients they can lead you to take in too much energy (kilojoules) Fresh, Healthy and Delicious



Foods and drinks in the RED category are not essential. If they are consumed too often, or in large amounts, they can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases. In general RED choices are high in energy (kilojoules) high in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt low in important nutrients such as fibre. RED foods and drinks should be consumed rarely and only in small amounts.

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